Hospital Grade Beds For Facilities

Specializing in the manufacture and sale of our unique full electric hospital beds, Transfer Master has been a trusted provider since 1993. We strive to bring independence, comfort, and dignity to the heart of patient care in medical facilities, homes, and assisted care facilities.

We know your facility has unique requirements. Your clients need the most relaxing, restful environment possible. Our electric adjustable beds are designed and engineered to enhance sleep disorder assessment procedures, as well as to mitigate sleep apnea and bariatric related sleep conditions. These beds are also a popular choice for mother-baby units, as the most comfortable and functional post-partum bed on the market today.

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Innovative Features and Options

Standard White Trim

Upgraded Cherry Style Finish Package and Optional Headboard

Hospital Grade Foot Retainer Bar and Power Strip

Hospital Grade 5″ Institutional Locking Caster

Catheter Hooks

Hand Controls

Mattress Options

Bariatric Mattress

The Geo-Mattress® Atlas™ bariatric mattress provides a heavy-duty solution for bariatric care.

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Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress

A firm hospital bed mattress made with state-of-the art progressive laminated foams to provide a healthy skin environment.

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Soft Touch Memory Foam Mattress

Made of cool, form-fitting memory foam that conforms to the shape of the person who is using it.

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Other Core Features

  • Wheelchair-friendly design: Our founding goal was simple — to create hospital beds that empower wheelchair users to transfer independently in and out of bed. Every bed we produce embraces this principle.
  • Home-inspired functionality: We understand the importance of feeling at home, even in a hospital setting. Though equipped with the functionality of a hospital bed, our beds resemble traditional home beds, creating a more comfortable and familiar environment.
  • Unparalleled safety features: We prioritize safety. Our adjustable beds are designed to ensure secure transfers in and out, reducing the risk of injuries. Many of our beds also include standard brackets for half rails, and we also offer beds with seven-inch extension brackets for enhanced safety and comfort.
  • High-quality American steel: We believe in durable, long-lasting solutions. Our beds are constructed from the finest American steel, promising longevity and robustness.
  • Precision manufacturing process: With laser cutting and CNC manufacturing techniques, we ensure each bed we create meets the highest standards of precision and quality.
  • Thermally protected motors: We consider every detail, including thermally protected motors, for a safe, smooth, and reliable adjustment experience.
  • Locking casters: Our beds feature locking casters, enhancing both mobility and stability for the utmost safety of patients and residents.
  • Size variety: Catering to different needs, our full-width beds are available in queen, full, or twin size options.
  • Bariatric support: All our hospital grade bariatric beds come in either 600 lbs or 750 lbs weight capacities, ensuring everyone receives the right level of care.

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Transfer Master has built electric adjustable hospital beds for the home and medical facility since 1993. We started with a simple goal that hospital beds should allow wheelchair users to transfer independently in and out of bed. Thirty years later, our customers are still at the center of everything we do. You’ll feel the difference.