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Bariatric Mattress Atlas

Product Information

A High-Quality Bariatric Mattress

The bariatric mattress Geo-Mattress® Atlas™ is designed to meet the unique skin integrity challenges of the bariatric client. With a max capacity of 750 pounds, it goes well with our heavy duty and super heavy duty models.

Its therapeutic top layer features the exclusive Geo-Matt® design. Eight hundred independent support cells protect against the damaging effects of friction and shearing—two major risk factors that increase significantly when bed mobility and safe transfers are impeded by obesity.

Beneath the top layer, three high resiliency layers offer progressively firmer support. This multi-tier design puts the most patient-friendly surface directly next to the skin and the densest material farthest away. The layers deflect in stages, allowing the Atlas to accommodate the widest possible range of weights and still remain comfortable.

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Key Features

  • Heavy-duty capacities of up to 750 pounds
  • The best of the clinically proven Geo-Mattress® series
  • 2" deep topper reduces shear to underlying tissues
  • Reduces heat and skin moisture build-up
  • Layer of air assists in pressure management
  • Protected by a fluid-proof cover

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Technical Specifications

  • Available Sizes Twin 80 Full 80 Full 84 Queen Special Size 48X80
  • Mattress Height 7"

Bariatric Mattress FAQs

What is a bariatric mattress?

Bariatric mattresses have a higher weight capacity than standard mattresses. They are more comfortable, more durable, and safer for heavier individuals. Standard weight-capacity mattresses cannot meet the comfort and safety needs of people with bariatric conditions. 

Bariatric mattresses such as the Geo-Mattress® Atlas™ are also designed to combat the skin integrity issues and risk of bedsores faced by heavier patients. Our bariatric mattresses also have border edge protection for safer entry and exit of the bed.

What is the standard weight capacity of bariatric mattresses?

Our heavy-duty Bariatric Mattresses support weights of up to 750 lbs.

When do I need a bariatric mattress?

You need a specialist Bariatric Mattress when your weight exceeds the capacity of standard hospital mattresses. Our standard weight capacity hospital mattresses can comfortably support up to 500 lbs—far more than consumer-grade mattresses. For heavier individuals, a specialist bariatric mattress is necessary.

What available sizes are there for bariatric mattresses?

Bariatric Mattresses are available in Twin (38 inches) and Full (54 inches) widths with 80 and 84-inch lengths. The Queen-size (60 inches) Bariatric Mattress is 80 inches long. We also offer a special-size bariatric mattress, which is 48 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Does a heavy-duty mattress help prevent bedsores?

Yes, the Geo-Mattress® Atlas™ features a top layer with independent support cells to reduce skin shear and friction, progressive laminated foams to distribute weight and ensure that no part of the skin experiences excessive pressure, and an air layer to prevent the build-up of heat and moisture.

When will I need to replace my bariatric mattress?

Geo-Mattress® Atlas™ is engineered for durability and includes a 3-year warranty.


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