Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress

A firm hospital bed mattress for easy transfers.

The Ascent is a firm hospital bed mattress made with state-of-the art progressive laminated foams to provide a healthy skin environment. The edges of the mattress are extra firm to prevent users slipping off the mattress. The mattress is designed with sleep technologies that promote excellent comfort and healthy bedding solutions.

Mattress core is manufactured in an FDA approved facility that has decades of manufacturing experience to ensure the highest quality.

Key Features

  • Border edge protection to prevent slipping
  • Zipper construction for easy cover replacement
  • No flipping required
  • Low profile: 6" tall
  • Meets federal fire protection laws
  • Made in USA

Two Cover Options

Bamboo Quilted Cover

Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover Elements

  • Comfortable and fresh sleeping environment.
  • Soft, luster, and silky feel.
  • Natural properties: anti-bacterial, deodorizing, and breathable.
  • Comprised of a Joma wool filling, which absorbs and causes moisture to evaporate, for maximum comfort.
Stretch Fabric Cover

Stretch Fabric Cover Elements

  • A unique, waterproof cover that feels soft, just like fabric.
  • Can be cleaned with household cleaners.
  • Approved for FDA-grade cleaners.
  • Will protect your mattress for many years.

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Technical Specifications

  • Available Sizes Twin 80 Twin 84 Full 80 Full 84 Queen Special Size 48X80
  • Mattress Height 6"
  • Cover Options Natural Bamboo Quilted Cover Stretch Fabric Cover

FAQs About Our Hospital Bed Mattresses

How is a hospital bed mattress different from a standard bed mattress?

Hospital bed mattresses are designed for medical and therapeutic environments, with features that promote long-term hygiene, comfort, and safety for patients. Standard mattresses lack many of the hygiene and safety features that are essential for patients with limited mobility, and they are not capable of supporting heavier patients safely and comfortably.

The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress is a durable laminated foam mattress that provides a firm sleeping surface with extra firmness towards the edges to reduce the risk of slipping. The foam is engineered to distribute pressure over the surface of the mattress, reducing the risk of pressure sores.  The optional waterproof vinyl covering prevents liquid ingress and is easily removed for washing.

Does this hospital bed mattress work with adjustable hi-low beds?

Yes. The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress is compatible with Transfer Master Supernal Hi-Low beds and our full range of hospital beds.

Do I need a mattress topper or cover?

A mattress topper is a removable layer that sits on top of the mattress to provide additional support and cushioning. The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress can be used with a topper, but it is engineered to provide optimal comfort and support, so a topper is not necessary.

A mattress cover is a removable fabric layer that protects the inner foam and fabric of a mattress from liquids and odors. Covers are essential for hospital mattresses in both hospital and home settings. This bed is available with two easily removed cover options: an anti-bacterial natural bamboo cover and a vinyl waterproof soft fabric cover.

How will this hospital mattress help me get restful sleep?

The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress is designed to promote a restful night’s sleep for patients with bariatric conditions, back and neck pain, and patients with restricted mobility. The firm surface provides ample support and comfort, while the progressive laminated foam structure distributes weight evenly, helping to prevent the formation of pressure ulcers.

What health conditions are your mattresses beneficial for?

We design our hospital mattresses to provide comfort and hygiene to patients with a wide range of health conditions. If a condition requires a patient to spend an extended time in bed, they will benefit from the Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress.

Our hospital bed mattresses are beneficial for a range of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Amputations
  • Car accidents
  • Chronic pulmonary disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Edema
  • Military injuries
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Post-Polio
  • Paralysis
  • Respiratory problems
  • Workers’ comp injuries

Are these mattresses comfortable for a side or stomach sleeper?

The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress is a firm mattress that offers comfort and support for any sleeping position.

What is the weight capacity of the Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress? Is it suitable for bariatric patients?

The Ascent Hospital Bed Mattress is compatible with our range of bariatric beds and reinforced beds, which can carry weights of up to 500 lb.

For heavier patients, we carry the Atlas bariatric mattress, designed for weights of up to 750 lbs.


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