Hospital Bed Terminology

Head & Foot Adjustable

Head & Foot Adjustable

Image shows head and foot adjusted (and hi-low fully raised). All Transfer Master beds are head and foot adjustable. This allows any combination of positions to provide complete comfort to the user.



Image shows an adjustable bed in the fully raised position, demonstrating the ability to vertically raise the bed from its lowest position for ease of transfer. This eliminates back strain for caregivers, and allows the patient to easily be transported in and out of the bed.



The user is in a supine position, lying face up, and the bed is angled so that the feet are above the head. This position has many benefits, typically with issues such as low blood pressure.

Reverse Trendelenburg

Reverse Trendelenburg

The user is laid flat in the head-up, feet-down position. This facilitates respiration and alleviates regurgitation problems and acid reflux. It can also be significantly more comfortable for those suffering from excessive phlegm or mucus congestion while resting.

Cardiac Chair Position

Cardiac Chair Position

This position increases circulation and assists the patient in coming from a fully flat position to a sitting position without causing harm or undue strain. The cardiac chair position is easier to adjust, with separate sections that support the back, bottom, arms, and legs. This position requires at least a 4 function bed or higher.

Dual King setupDual King Setup

Our Dual King is the perfect way to meet the differing needs of any couple. Each bed is separately controlled – they look the same but have entirely different functions. When both beds are in the lowest position and covered with linens, the Dual King is comparable in size to an eastern king-size bed.

ECU Compliant with dual ports

ECU Compatible/Dual Ports

Environmental Control Unit (ECU) enables third-party control systems (e.g. touchscreens or voice-operated systems) to be plugged into our control boards. The control board includes two ports for maximum flexibility. The following beds are ECU compatible: Night Rider Series, New Valiant Series, and Companion Series.

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