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What Is a Dual King Bed?

A Dual King bed—also called a Split King bed or double king bed—is a king-sized bed divided into two twin-sized areas, each with its own mattress. In the consumer bed market, Dual Kings are often nothing more than a standard King-size bed with a pair of twin mattresses, but premium adjustable Dual King beds offered from Transfer Master are more flexible.

In addition to two mattresses, Dual King home hospital beds combine a pair of adjustable twin beds, each equipped with independent position adjustments and controls. Both of the bed’s occupants can change the shape, position, and even the height of their side to suit their preferences and medical needs.

Dual King home hospital beds typically comprise two adjustable twin beds, which may have the same number and type of adjustments or different adjustments, depending on each bed’s capabilities.

Why Choose A Dual King Home Hospital Bed?

Dual King adjustable beds let you and your partner sleep together without compromising position, treatment options, or comfort.

The Perfect Position for Both Sleepers

People who sleep in the same bed may have different needs. Someone with sleep apnea may need the head of their bed raised significantly. In contrast, their partner who suffers from degenerative spondylolisthesis finds relief from only a slightly raised upper body and extra knee support.

The beauty of Dual King beds is that there is no need to compromise. Both sleepers can find the perfect position, and if “perfect” changes during the night, they can adjust without disturbing their partner.

Guilt-Free Comfort

Would an adjustable bed help you sleep better and avoid the aches and pains of a night spent in the wrong position? For many people, an adjustable bed could bring comfort and a peaceful night’s sleep. But they don’t want to disturb their partner, so they suffer night after night in a bed that’s not fit for them.

A Dual King bed gives you the best of both worlds. You get to sleep in the perfect position for your condition without interfering with your partner’s comfort.

Together, but Independent

Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and many other conditions make it hard for people to fall asleep. They may have to change position often in the night to alleviate intermittent pains or redistribute pressure. Inevitably, they wake their partner, so neither benefits from a good night’s sleep.

Dual King beds have separate mattresses, frames, and sheets. Because the beds are divided, movement isn’t transmitted between beds. You can toss and turn all night, and your partner can sleep on, blissfully unaware.

How Big is A Dual King Bed?

Dual King beds are the width of two twin beds. Our twin-size adjustable beds are 38 inches wide, for a combined Dual King width of 76 inches, which is the same as a typical Eastern King Mattress. We can also provide a slightly narrower Dual King bed of 72 inches, the size of a California King, but this is a specialist item that must be custom ordered.

The length of Dual King beds depends on the length of each twin bed. The Supernal, Rehab, Rehab Heavy, and other Transfer Master beds are slightly longer than the standard twin at 80 inches, and some models are also available in a super-long 84 inches.

Which Transfer Master Dual King Is Right for You?

At Transfer Master, we offer a wide range of home hospital beds and mattresses so that our customers can choose the right bed for their space, health requirements, and budget.

Most of our home hospital beds include a twin-size option that can be combined to form a Dual King, including:

You can also combine bed models to provide different functionality for each partner, although you should be aware that the heights of some beds may not align perfectly.

If you want to know more about Dual King home hospital beds, contact one of our adjustable bed specialists today to discover which bed is right for you.


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