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9 Essential Accessories for Bedridden Patients

Patients who are bedridden — whether it’s short- or long-term — can be made more comfortable with accessories. The proper setup can provide a clean, secure environment while also improving the daily care for patients and caregivers. 

There are dozens of accessories available for bedridden patients. Here are some essentials to help with ease of movement, hygiene, and daily living:

Accessories to ease movement

Bed lifts

Some beds come equipped with bed lifts. These can change a patient’s position by tilting right or left. This can make it easier for patients and caregivers to ensure a patient does not stay in one position too long, risking bedsores.

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Patient lifting systems

Lift-assist equipment can reduce the risk of injury by helping to move bedridden individuals. There are various options – one such example is a gait belt. The belt is placed around a patient’s waist so caregivers can grab the ends and pull up or balance a patient. Sliding boards and sheets also are available to make moving a patient safer.

Bedside handrail

A sturdy contoured handrail is ideal for helping bedridden patients change position, sit up, stand or transfer to a chair. Handrails are an available option on all our home hospital beds.

Accessories for maintaining hygiene

Bed pads

Pads are key in keeping patients dry from incontinence, spills or bathing. Look for pads offering maximum absorption and slip-resistant materials. Bed pads can be machine washed and dried for reuse.

Cleansing products

Maintaining proper personal hygiene is important and can be challenging for bedridden patients. No-rinse body soap and shampoo eliminate the need for baths in bed. Use no-rinse self-foaming washcloths for easy bathing. Dry shampoo also is an option to simplify hair care.

Accessories to improve daily living


Pillows can enhance comfort and improve sleep. Arrange them behind the back for support or to prop up patients on their side. Pillows can be used between the knees or to elevate parts of the body to reduce aches or swelling. A bed wedge also can provide back and limb support.

Over-bed table or bed tray

A table on wheels that swings across the bed or other over-the-bed tray can simplify mealtime and provide a convenient surface for items such as drinks, cards, books, laptops, or tissues.


Soft cotton pajamas are a good choice for bedridden patients. More stylish options of so-called adaptive wear are available. Velcro closures can make dressing simpler, and some pajamas might have a back opening for easy changing.

Book holder

A portable, hands-free book holder is ideal for eliminating hand cramps while reading in bed. Rest the book against the board and page clips hold the book open.

Some supplies may be covered by insurance, but some will not. It is a good idea to check with your provider if you are unsure about what is included in your plan.


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