Introducing the Supernal Silencer: Quieter Rails for Your Home Hospital Bed

The Supernal Silencer quiets bed rails. With the Silencer fitted, even the most restless sleeper won’t be disturbed by noise from the rails of their home hospital bed.

We’re happy to announce the introduction of the Supernal Silencer, a brand new addition to our lineup of home hospital bed accessories and options. The Supernal Silencer prevents the rails of a Transfer Master bed from making a noise when bumped or jolted by movement from the bed.

The Silencer acts as a muffler, surrounding the bed rail fixture to absorb movement and dampen sound.

A metal bed rail with Supernal Silencer attached at the base.
One of our bed rails with Supernal Silencer attached at the base.

Manufactured in the United States and made from durable, high-quality plastic, the Supernal Silencer is compatible with all Transfer Master home hospital beds with a rail bracket, including the Supernal 5, the Supernal Hi-Low, and all TransferMaster Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty bariatric beds.

In the future, all home hospital beds from Transfer Master will be fitted with Supernal Silencers at no extra cost.

Fitting the Supernal Silencer to Your Transfer Master Home Hospital Bed

The Supernal Silencer is easy to fit. No tools are required. The Silencer slides easily onto the receiving tube of the hospital bed rail bracket. The bed rails are then placed back into the bracket.

The Supernal bed rail silencer
Fitting the Supernal Silencer on a bed rail bracket.

The Silencer can be quickly removed for cleaning if required. It is made of an easy-to-clean hygienic plastic that doesn’t absorb moisture or odors.

How to Buy the Supernal Silencer

The Silencer is available from Transfer Master at $10 per unit or $9 when two or more are ordered together. Call us at 877-395-8552 or email sales@transfermaster.com to order yours.

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