Rolling Without Limits has a new home!

Rolling Without Limits has found a new home on its own domain: rollingwithoutlimits.com

Why the change?

Rolling Without Limits is a vibrant community with upwards of 10,000 unique visitors each month and over 50,000 active members of the Facebook community. We think it was only fitting that the community get its own website on a dedicated domain.

Nothin else will change.

Readers All existing content and blog posts will be migrated to the new domain. The only difference is the URLs of your favorite posts will now start with https://rollingwithoutlimits.com/ rather than https://transfermaster.com/blog/

Writers – You can still submit any on-topic content just like before, with the same rules in place for determining payment.

We hope you’re as excited about this move as we are, and we look forward to many more great discussions on rollingwithoutlimits.com!

Comments (2)

    1. Hi James – we absolutely do not tolerate plagiarism on Rolling Without Limits, and we actively screen user-submitted content with online plagiarism checkers. That said, sometimes our systems don’t catch offline publications like New Mobility. If you can point us in the direction of any offending posts we’ll have them taken down immediately.

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