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The WHILL Model M Wheelchair
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The WHILL Model M Wheelchair

WHILL Model M was driven at CES 17 over steep inclines, rough terrain, and tight turns just to be sure of how helpful it would be to users.

WHILL Model M is an FDA-cleared wheelchair. The Model M features patented omni-wheel technology to tackle tough terrains, while its compact shape and nimble dashboard easily navigate tight spaces. Designed by automotive engineers, the Model M is a powerful wheelchair distancing itself from antiquated power wheelchairs and scooters designed decades ago.

"The wheelchair industry has seen very little innovation in design and technology," said Sugie Satoshi, CEO of WHILL. "Our user-centric approach has helped us craft an innovative Wheelchair that empowers the disabled community to enjoy their new found freedom. Our customers drive the Model M with a smile on their face and are excited to enjoy the outdoors in ways that were previously inaccessible using standard power wheelchairs." With a simplistic design and advanced technology, the Model M provides high-quality mobility in an adaptive way.

With four-wheel drive, patented front omni-wheel technology, and a three-inch obstacle clearance, the Model M easily moves along rough terrain, like pebbles, wood chips and branches, and within small spaces due to its tight turning radius. These are examples of the incredible maneuverability that the Model M allows, providing users with a liberating, mobile and active lifestyle.

WHILL Model M is designed with an inbuilt sophisticated network of personalized sensors to deliver real-time stats to users and caregivers, including pulse rate and respiratory rate during all activities to monitor the user's wellness. With a simplistic design and advanced technology, the Model M provides high-quality mobility in an adaptive way.

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