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Premier League And BT Sport Disability Football Scheme
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Premier League And BT Sport Disability Football Scheme

Premier League and BT Sport disability football scheme are bringing thousands of young people across 28 disability clubs together

BT Sport and the Premier League partnered together to launch a disability football scheme in 2016, the sports giant signed a contract with 28 disability football clubs to promote inclusive football. They have recently renewed their commitment to sign a new deal for another 3 years. The new deal is expected to come with an increase in reach and budget. In the past 3 years, the scheme improved access for people with disabilities. The scheme cost £2.8m and reached 36,479 participants in the last 3 years, of whom about a third sustain their involvement over multiple sessions. Though the Premier League is hardly known for munificence, it dispersed £34.3m in the past 3 years, making it a significant charity on a national scale (the median expenditure of the Uk's top 150 charities is £37.4m).

Manchester City’s Jamie Tregaskiss, an exceptional young footballer before he lost a leg to bone cancer at 13 and now, a little over a decade later, an England amputee international has a special love for disability football “I’ve always played football, fell in love with the sport straight away,” he says. “When I was 10 I got scouted for Man City, and I played for their academies a little bit, but unfortunately when I was 13 I did actually have bone cancer in my leg, which had to come off. It was either my leg or my life at that point. I am happy I got a chance to football again."

“We found Jamie at a limb center when he was 13 years of age. Within six weeks we had him on crutches playing amputee football. So we found him and got him playing immediately. He’s become one of the top five players in the world, and he could be the top one player if we secure funding internationally to progress the sport," City’s community disability officer, Paul Kelly said. 

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