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Congress Finally Passes The Disability Integration Act (DIA)
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Congress Finally Passes The Disability Integration Act (DIA)

Disability rights advocates explained that only the passage of the Disability Integration Act (DIA) can guarantee enough protection for Americans with disabilities.

Over the past 3 years, disability rights advocates have lobbied for the passage of the Disability Integration Act (DIA) by Congress. The DIA was finally passed by Congress in June 2019. The act was first introduced into Congress by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and into the House by Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI).

People with disabilities who need long-term services and supports are still forced to live in institutions and are losing their civil rights. The act is aimed at protecting the civil right of people with disabilities. Although the provision of community-based services is the most cost-effective way to support people with disabilities, institutional bias remain within the Medicaid system, specifically where the federal government requires states to pay for institutional care, and where coverage of most community-based services is considered optional.

John Griffin, a member of the Independent Living Centre of South California said, "[The] Disability Integration Act (DIA) will help people with disabilities across the United States to enjoy more independence and accessibility."

With the passage of the Disability Integration Act (DIA), people who are eligible for long-term rehab services and supports would have the right to live in their homes and receive these services, rather than live in institutions. In other words, people with disabilities will have the legal right to decide how they receive services and support as well as where they are provided (i.e., in their home or institutional setting).

The DIA would also require states to increase affordable and accessible housing for people with disabilities.

Shawn Paul, a member of United Spinal said, "The DIA will help governors in paying more attention to accessibility across their various states."

The Disability Integration Act (DIA) will help secure Americans with disabilities and help strengthen the Medicaid and Medicare

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