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7 Bariatric Bed Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Bariatric beds are built to support more weight while providing all the comfort, convenience, and treatment options you expect from a Transfer Master home hospital bed. But is a bariatric bed the right choice for you?

If you have questions about whether a bariatric hospital bed is a right choice for your unique circumstances, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ve gathered together seven of the most common bariatric bed questions to help you to make the best decision for your health and comfort.

What Is the Size of a Bariatric Bed?

Bariatric beds are available in a range of different sizes, depending on the model. For example, you can buy our Night Rider HD & SHD Bariatric beds in Twin 80 and 84, Full 80 and 84, Queen, and Dual King sizes. We also make a special size for bariatric beds: 48 inches across and 80 inches long.

The widths are equivalent to standard bed dimensions, so a Full is 54 inches across, and a Queen is 60 inches. However, our Twin and Full bariatric beds are longer than standard consumer equivalents at 80 and 84 inches, depending on your preference, compared to the traditional 75 inches.

To find more information about bariatric bed sizes, including the height range of height-adjustable models, consult each bed’s product page:

How Much Weight Will a Bariatric Bed Hold?

Our bariatric bed models are available in two weight classes: heavy duty and super heavy duty.

  • Heavy-duty beds support a maximum of 600 lbs
  • Super heavy-duty beds support a maximum of 750 lbs

All of the bed’s components are engineered to support up to their maximum rated weight capacity, including the frames, the adjustment mechanisms, and the electric motors that power them.

What Mattress Can I Use With a Bariatric Bed?

We recommend that our customers use mattresses designed and engineered to work with bariatric beds. There are two factors to consider: the mattress’s weight capacity and its suitability for use with an adjustable bed.

  • Home hospital bed mattresses from the Supernal Sleep range have a maximum capacity of 500 lbs and can be used with our bariatric beds. We also offer bariatric mattresses that comfortably support up to 750 lbs so that they can be used with both heavy-duty and super heavy-duty beds.
  • Unlike standard consumer mattresses, bariatric mattresses are engineered for compatibility with adjustable bed mechanisms. They feature a unique Geo-Matt® design that incorporates hundreds of independent support cells, distributing pressure evenly and mitigating the pressure, friction, and shear forces that cause bedsores.

Who Should Use a Bariatric Bed?

Bariatric beds are ideal for heavier individuals who are impacted by mobility, strength, and coordination issues and those who are bedbound. They are designed to help people with conditions that benefit from the bed’s adjustments, including GERDS, sleep apnea, circulatory and heart diseases, arthritis, and more.

In general, a bariatric bed can help you to:

  • Achieve a comfortable, safe, and physician-recommended sleeping position with the bed’s head, foot, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg adjustments (the available adjustments depend on the bed’s model).
  • Avoid excessive exertion when sitting up or lying down in bed.
  • Get into and out of bed more easily with the aid of head, foot, and height adjustments.
  • Transfer more easily to and from a wheelchair.
  • Receive treatment from a caregiver or medical professional.

For information about individual conditions, don’t hesitate to contact a bariatric bed expert for more details.

Will a Bariatric Bed Prevent Weight Loss?

No, a bariatric bed will not prevent weight loss. In fact, bariatric beds can help heavier people to retain their independence and mobility, empowering them to get into and out of bed for exercise more easily.

Can a Couple Use a Bariatric Bed?

Yes, couples can use bariatric beds provided the combined weight of the bed’s occupants does not exceed its maximum capacity. In addition to Full and Queen sizes, we also offer Dual King bariatric beds, which combine a pair of twin beds, each with independently controlled adjustments so that couples can sleep comfortably in their preferred position.

Does a Bariatric Bed Look Different Than a Regular Bed?

Unlike the adjustable beds in hospitals and care facilities, all bariatric beds are designed for use in the home. The mechanisms are concealed, allowing the bed to blend with your home decor. When your bed is made and in its flat configuration, it will look just like an ordinary bed.

If you have any more questions about bariatric beds or home hospital beds, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential consultation.

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