Pressure Mattresses: The Pressure Guard Series

Pressure Mattresses: The Pressure Guard Series

PressureGuard CFT

  • Proven for both ulcer healing and prevention
  • Outperforms powered systems for wound healing
  • Medicare covered (non-powered Group II)

PressureGuard APM2

  • Aggressive Treatment of Pressure Ulcers
  • Two therapies in one mattress
  • Single switch operation

PressureGuard Easy Air

  • Aggressive Treatment (through Stage IV)
  • Documented superiority in moisture removal
  • Won't deflate in power outage

Pressure Mattresses: The Pressure Guard Series

Pressure Mattresses: The PressureGuard® Series
The PressureGuard® series stands apart from rest in today’s saturated pressure mattress market.  Every mattress features patented technical innovations that combine the qualities of an air flotation system with the stability and safety of a multi-compound engineered foam shell.

Premium Healthcare Fabrics
The PressureGuard® series features a vapor barrier that is fluid-proof, antimicrobial, self-deodorizing and cleanable.

Geo-Matt® Design
The clinically-proven Geo-Matt® design features an anti-shearing top surface with 800 individually responsive cells in distinct head, torso, and foot zones that make for superior therapeutic support and comfort.

Heel Slope®
The exclusive Heel Slope® feature redistributes weight the lower legs and calves, which are more pressure-tolerant. The subtle taper provides complete foot support and reduces heel pressures.

"Safety Edge™"
The sturdy outer bolster of PressureGuard's edge doesn’t collapse under a user's weight, as can happen with air-only surfaces. The slotted inner bolster compresses slightly and angles inward toward the center of the mattress.

The "Safety Edge™" advantage:

  • Air-only surfaces have collapsing edges with nothing to prevent users from rolling off the bed or becoming entrapped under the side rail. The sturdy edges of the PressureGuard® pressure mattress prevent this.
  • The two-part bolster system of PressureGuard® mattresses direct users toward the center of the mattress away from the edge and side rails.
  • The two-part bolster creates a wedge effect, supporting a seated user on the edge of the mattress, making entry and egress easier and safer.

Try our pressure relief mattresses and hospital bed mattresses for easy comfort and proper care for the effective treatment of ulcers. These mattresses have been designed to ensure progressive wound healing and provide relief to suffering patients. The different product features ensure easy cleaning, and a comfortable structure, which provides a relaxing sleep. These mattresses have been designed by experts with an eye to ensure great user comfort and ease.

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