Hi-Low Hospital Beds

The Night Rider Series

The Floor Hugger

  • Super Low Setting
  • Fully Upholstered
  • 3 Functions, Twin, Full, Queens
  • All of our Hi-Low models are Electric Beds

The Night Rider Series

  • Low Setting, Affordable
  • Easy to clean deck
  • 3 Functions, Twin, Full, Queens
  • All of our Hi-Low models are Electric Beds

The New Valiant

  • Five Functions
  • Easy to clean deck
  • Trendelburg, Cardiac Chair
  • All of our Hi-Low models are Electric Beds

Supernal Recliner Beds

  • Two or Three Function Beds
  • Border edge protection on every mattress.
  • Soft, luster, and silky feel on quilted fabric.
  • All of our Hi-Low models are Electric Beds

Hi-Low Hospital Beds

In 1969 man first landed on the moon, 24 years later we figured out how to independently transfer in and out of bed. The patented Original Transfer Master Hi-Low Hospital Bed was the first electric bed built to help with transfers.

The standard minimum height (from the top of the hospital bed mattress to the floor) was 18 inches, allowing for easy transfers from most wheelchairs. The Hi-Low mechanism allows the hospital bed frame to raise 12 inches to enable an easy transfer back to the chair and to simplify care-giving tasks. The head and foot sections rise higher than what you find in standard home care hospital beds.

The Original Transfer Master Hi-Low Bed was designed to look like home furniture yet maintain all of the functions of a clinical bed. Typical home care beds are designed exclusively for nurses. The Original improved on this by meeting the needs of both the user and the rest of the family.

No other electric hospital bed or any other company offers this level of flexibility.

"I have been disabled for over 20 years and have always struggled with hi-low beds... until I stumbled on to Transfer Master!" - Johnny B., California, USA

This year, we have retired the Original and replaced it with our new Patent Pending Floor Hugger Model.

The Floor Hugger has many new innovations.  The deck height to the floor is 9.5 inches making the Floor Hugger one of the lowest electric beds on the market.  This can also be ordered with a variety of functions.  The bed can be ordered as semi-electric bed, which is also called a 2 function bed.  The Floor Hugger also can be built as a 3 function bed, also known as a full electric hi-low bed just like the Original. There is more with this special custom hospital bed; you can even order a 4 function version that will allow the bed to move into a Reverse Trendelenburg.

You can choose from standard widths such as Twin, Full or a Queen size.  You determine the length whether it is standard or super long. This is only the beginning of the choices. You then choose the minimum height of the bed (beginning at 16"), the finish of the hospital bed mattress and a range of controls and options.

Our orthopedic mattresses offer superb comfort.   The bed can also be order with specialty pressure mattresses in most any size.

Old-fashioned craftsmanship is evident in each hospital bed that we build. The Floor Hugger hospital bed frame is stamped, welded, powder-coated in the United States and final assembled in the State of Iowa. Each part is overbuilt to assure a long and useful life. Parts are either bolted or welded together to insure the product's integrity.

Our semi electric hospital beds have an easily adjustable high and low feature, designed specifically for the convenience of the patients. It is available, being fully upholstered, in three different functions, to answer the diverse needs of the client market.


Payment Options

Transfer Master Beds are for purchase only. We accept most major credit cards, domestic checks, some insurance, and purchase orders from major institutions and businesses (OAC). We do not bill Medicare or Medicaid.

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