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PressureGuard Turn Select

Rolling with Your Pressure Mattress

If you need to be moved around while you sleep to help manage pain and prevent bed sores, Transfer Master has a solution that can provide customized support to any patient. The PressureGuard Turn Select® Mattress provides customized lateral rotation that gently rotates users at angles of up to 30 degrees. You can set dwell times that run anywhere between one (1) minute to two (2) hours. This allows you to choose between a standard program or a customized solution for each patient.

How the PressureGuard Turn Select Helps Patients

Every patient has different needs, and the PressureGuard Turn Select provides all the features of a pressure mattress with several added benefits. The mattress’s microprocessor-controlled pump cuts down on noise and maintenance, as you no longer have to repair leaky air lines. This ensures the mattress maintains inflation during a power interruption. The PressureGuard Turn Select also features a CPR mode that provides a firm surface to perform CPR, a program lockout and a CPR alarm.

Customize Patient Pressure Therapy Today

To learn more about how the PressureGuard Turn Select can provide a customized solution to treat and prevent bed sores, call (877) 445-6233 to speak with a Transfer Master sales representative today.



Therapy on Patient Right

Therapy in Center

Weight Limit

Twin Long (Dual King)

80”L x 38”W



350 lbs. each user


75”L x 54”W



350 lbs. each user

Full Long

80”L x 54”W



350 lbs. each user


80”L x 60”W



350 lbs. each user

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