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PressureGuard CFT Mattress

Pressure Mattress Pain Relief Without Power

Transfer Master knows the importance pressure mattresses play in pain relief. With the PressureGuard CFT® Mattress you’ll gain pain relief, but also wound healing and prevention. Thanks to a patented Constant Force Technology™, the PressureGuard CFT® is equipped with a series of interconnected air cylinders and elastic reservoirs that offer relief no matter your weight or sleeping position, all without requiring electric power. 

Benefits of the PressureGuard CFT Mattress

Thanks to its no-power system design, the PressureGuard CFT® can be used easily anywhere because it requires no electricity and no controls to make adjustments. In head-to-head studies, the PressureGuard CFT® exceeded other powered pressure mattress systems in healing ulcers and bed sores. Aside from outperforming its competitors, the mattress also offers benefits like:

  • Cutting operational costs by saving on electricity
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Medicare covered (non-powered Group II)
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy compliance on issues like skin care and bed safety

Learn More About the PressureGuard CFT®

To find out more about how the PressureGuard CFT® can help relieve pain for users and cut costs for facilities, call (877) 445-6233 to speak with a Transfer Master representative.



Therapy Across Entire Surface

Weight Limit

Twin Long (Dual King*)

80”L x 38”W


500 lbs.


75”L x 54”W


750 lbs. total**

Full Long

80”L x 54”W


750 lbs. total**


80”L x 60”W


750 lbs. total**

*Two Twin Longs side by side would create Dual King
**1 or 2 users


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