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PressureGuard APM2 Mattress

A Multi-Function Pressure Mattress

Help improve patient therapy and add options for caregivers with the PressureGuard® APM2 Mattress from Transfer Master. With two customizable therapy modes, the mattress allows easy adjustment for pressure and lateral rotation to provide a treatment tailored for each user. With the single flick of a switch, the mattress function can be adjusted from alternating pressure to basic lateral rotation without having to disconnect air lines.

PressureGuard APM2 Features

Combining these two options allows for aggressive treatment of pressure ulcers and bed sores thanks to features like:

  • A Therapeutic Geo-Matt anti-shearing top surface
  • Two-part Safety Edge 
  • Weight-bearing shifts every 10 minutes
  • No sharp pressure drop-offs

Add Functionality to Pressure Therapy

With the PressureGuard APM2, pressure therapy can be adjusted to each patient’s individual needs. To learn more about how multiple therapy modes can help patients, call (877) 445-6233 to speak with a Transfer Master representative.



Therapy on Patient Right

Therapy in Center

Weight Limit

Twin Long (Dual King)

80”L x 38”W



350 lbs. each user


75”L x 54”W



350 lbs. each user

Full Long

80”L x 54”W



350 lbs. each user


80”L x 60”W



350 lbs. each user


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