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Dave Richer: Comedian on Wheels
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Dave Richer: Comedian on Wheels

Dave Richer has dreamed of becoming the first handicapped actor and comedian of Quebec, Canada, and that is exactly what he did. Now, he dreams of becoming a deputy. A few years ago, he supported Rachel Barlagne, who was supposed to be deported out of Canada because of her cerebral palsy and deemed a “heavy burden” by Immigration Canada.

So, how did Dave Richer become handicapped? Well, he was born feet first. The doctor chose to pull on his legs instead of performing a C-section and the baby ended up lacking oxygen. He has been living with cerebral palsy since that day. However, he is fully lucid and uses his mind just like everyone else now.

Some believe that when you are handicapped, you need to be smarter than others in order to prove yourself to them. However, he disagrees. He is married and has a beautiful baby girl, Marie-Soleil Richer. What is surprising is that the doctors recommended to his parents to put him up for adoption or to put him in a foster home. They believed that he would never be able to speak. They chose to ignore the doctors and are happy about it!

And, Dave Richer showed them – the doctors – otherwise. He can speak and even finished college in drama. He was accepted due to his high grades but, when he arrived in his wheelchair, his teachers held an emergency meeting to know what to do with him! Of course, they had no reason to refuse him, so he stayed.

Ever since his graduation, he is becoming more and more famous. He managed to get many roles in television series and does one-man shows regularly. Humor is a way for him to communicate with the public and spread the word about handicapped people. He is always ready to poke fun at himself, on stage or in person. This makes it easier to create a bond with people.

Surprisingly, for his first television role, he didn’t have a script to follow. The director told him to just say whatever he wanted. Also, when he auditions for shows, people mistakenly believe that he will not be able to keep the public interested for more than twenty minutes. However, he manages to keep them in stitches for an hour and a half. Plus, if he receives important roles in movies or on television, he is rarely asked to do interviews in the media. But, Dave Richer is fully capable of captivating a very difficult audience: he is often invited to speak to high school students. He can keep them quiet and interested for two full hours. He tells them that if he is capable of succeeding in life, then they can, too. After all, he needs to train himself like an athlete would for simple things like talking and walking. He has to start over every single day and succeeds in doing so.

A story like his is very inspiring indeed!

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How about a hospital bed that can be lower than a standard wheelchair?

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  1. pftsusan
    A hero at hand.
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  2. pftsusan
    A hero at hand.
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  3. Dawnwriter
    What an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing. It got my vote:-)
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